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...into the Word: Chasing Donkeys

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Ep. 6: Chasing Donkeys || Dan Thomas -

We can only see and understand a small percentage of God’s plans, and so often question what He’s doing based on our own limited perspective.

Do you ever feel like you’ve been trying to offer yourself for the service of God’s Kingdom, but are instead spending your days doing the mundane tasks, serving in unappreciated ways, and setting up the pins to watch them get knocked down again?

It’s fascinating to see that God is often more interested in journeying with us then bringing us to a destination. He’s after our FAITH, asking us to trust Him and get to know Him more in the process of using us and orchestrating circumstances to bring about His great plans.

How sweet it will be, like when Laura inks her homemade stamps and then reveals the final product in the video above, to look back and see all that God had planned in the final and full picture at the end of time.

Let’s encourage each other to trust Him, even when we do not understand what He could be doing; even when it feels like our days are spent chasing donkeys.

He has a loving and masterful plan that involves our lives and He will bring it to pass!

Our job is to trust Him.


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Sarah Thomas
Sarah Thomas
May 22, 2019

HE KNOWS! and CARES! I hope we can both continue to trust Him with life's uncertainty's.


This is so good! Something I need to remind myself often and my family with the uncertainty of what life will look like for us in the coming months. Thank you!

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