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Roots and



- Growth Rings -


"A Campaign for Healthy Growth"

left of our

*Numbers as of November 2022

Would you consider helping us finish this initial phase? The majority of funds still needed are for the ownership of our newly built staff house named "Creekside" which was funded, interest free, by one of our amazing Board members.

We've created a few videos to give you a "snapshot" into the lives of our staff members already doing life and ministry in this incredible home. (click in below!)



for your partnership!

Roots and Branches Update!

What's Been

Done So Far?

So far, friends of the ministry have given $1,768,229.59 toward our $2,250,000 goal! We are humbled and amazed at God’s provision! 


Ranch Property:

($1,500,000) 84 acres were purchased adjacent to Timberline’s present campus, giving opportunity for future growth, present recreation, and new ministry opportunities within our Grand County community.  


Grounds Equipment:

We are finished paying off several pieces of grounds equipment that were purchased from the previous ranch owners. 


Improvements in the Lodges:

We have completed some required fire-code upgrades throughout our campus buildings and replaced a number of worn-out surfaces. The main (middle) lodge is looking much better and functioning well!


New Housing and Storage:

With the purchase of the ranch property, we acquired a two-bedroom house, a studio apartment, and a large barn. This has provided needed accommodation for the Hatfield family as well as our Ranch Manager. The barn keeps our equipment dry and has become the location for the ministry’s workshop.

Continued Facility Improvements:

We have replaced many outdated windows in the main lodges, some of which only had one window pane until now!






What's Left

To Be Done?

We have $455,968.29 left to raise to meet our Roots and Branches Growth Rings: Phase 1 goal, as of November 2022.

Here’s a break down of what’s left to finish:


Staff House:

With rental prices continuing to increase in the Winter Park area, we are beyond grateful for the Board member who funded the building of a new staff home we have decided to call "Creekside House." Our staff have already filled up the place (2 separate living units). We are excited to pay off this interest-free loan in order to complete this portion of the project and move forward into the rest of the vision we believe God has given us for the health of Timberline Lodge! (Pictures below!)


Wastewater Lagoon Decommissioning:

Our old wastewater treatment ponds need to be cleaned out, treated, and filled in. Completing this project will close the book on a longstanding journey with our previous, outdated sewage system.

Please consider Timberline as you think through your year-end giving and as we strive to close the gap in what’s needed to complete this project.

We invite you to come alongside our efforts and God’s work to disciple the next generation of believers through our program - that they would live out their faith in our God who desires to daily work in and through them!


Reach out to or click the DONATE button on the top, right-hand corner of this page (or in the menu button on the upper left if you are on your mobile device) to set up monthly giving or contribute a one-time gift to this ministry. We are so grateful to the hundreds of you who have helped Timberline be an effective vehicle of God’s transforming power! Thank you!

There are many aspects of the Growth Rings campaign that the Lord Jesus has so clearly directed. This has been emphasized in ways that we could never have imagined back in August of 2019 when we signed the contract and bought the adjacent 84 acre “Ranch Property.” Just a few months after that, the world seemed to spin into chaos. Our students had to go home, our summer programs were cancelled, and we were left with one primary way to earn funds - by boarding horses on the new ranch!  Only God could have known what we needed when we needed it - if only we would remember that more often! 


We are over 80% done with Phase 1 of this project to raise the needed funds for Timberline’s long-term health! Would you prayerfully consider joining us to COMPLETE this phase?  

We are excited to keep moving toward our initial goal, asking the Lord to supply what He knows we need as we continue pointing to the One who holds the whole world in His hands!


1. Our Vision

What is

our purpose?

to cultivate...

Christ-centered Identity

Christ-led Community

Christ-empowered Ministry


Biblical Teaching

Relational Discipleship

Intentional Community

Practical Outreach

Outdoor Adventure

Transforming Lives

Heather Flies - Youth Leader


"Timberline Lodge has been a safe haven for my leaders, and inspiration for my students, and a meeting place with God for all of us! As long as I am in charge, we will be at Timberline!"        

Esther Watson - Bible School Student

“My year at Timberline was directed by the Lord to challenge and grow me in my walk with Him. He used the community and the teaching to translate what head knowledge I had from growing up in a Christian home to my heart by experiencing it in a way I hadn’t before” 

Zane Black - Speaker/Bible School Student


“God used my year at Timberline to be one of the most transformational years of my life. It became a spring board, launching me into full-time ministry, 15 years ago, through which thousands have been impacted by the resurrected Jesus Christ.”

2. The Need


The ideal context for our vision?

  • Facilities that Serve​​​

  • Space for Growth​​​

  • Staff who Minister

Present Reality

Facilities Restrict Service


  • Awkward and outdated layout makes it difficult to serve guests well

  • No ideal accommodations to welcome families, couples, and older adults

  • Students distracted from Bible teaching by cold and noisy classroom due to poor insulation


Space Limits Growth


  • Hemmed in by neighboring Lodge – campus access through neighbor’s parking lot

  • Size constraints when full - youth groups turned away due to limitations

  • Shortage of buildable land to keep up with ministry growth


Staff Hindered in Ministry


  • Inadequate and unstable housing lowers staff morale

  • Discipleship opportunities are stunted due to distance from campus

  • Housing costs take resources away from other elements of staff support

Timberline Lodge

3. Solution

What is the Solution?

A Campaign for Health

(Over the next five years)

Acting now with a view towards

the next 25 years of ministry

Branches: where ministry happens and fruit-bearing is cultivated (Facilities)

  • Expanded campus to meet present and future needs (32,000 square feet of new facilities)

  • Basic updates to present facility

Roots: unseen, yet essential aspects of ministry (Staff)

  • New sewage plant - completed 2017

  • Infrastructure for new campus

  • Provide adequate housing units for staff, saving a potential of $113,000 per year in rent, and providing long term staff benefits

Soil: the place we are planted to grow (Space)

  • 110 acres next door

  • Provides needed staff housing and space to    expand our campus to meet the needs

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 2.09.18 PM.png

Phase 1 ($2,250,000)

Solve the staff housing problem and purchase property for the future of the ministry


Phase 2 ($5,400,000)

Construct main lodge, first dormitory, and volunteer-staff housing


Phase 3 ($2,050,000)

Build out recreational building, second dormitory, and additional staff/guest cabins


Total Estimated Project Cost: $9,700,000

(32,000 sq/ft of NEW ministry space)


4. Overview

What are the

goals for Phase 1?

Solve the staff housing problem and purchase property for the future of the ministry

1. Creekside House - $400,000

- A large staff house with two separate living units

- 20+ acres of pasture and wetland for fishing and recreation as well as one buildable lot for constructing the house (land to be donated)


2. Ranch property - $1,630,000

- Existing home, single apartment, and modern barn structure

- 85 acres of mostly buildable land


3. Improvements on current property - $220,000


Total needed

for Phase 1

Screen Shot 2019-05-21 at 4.09.54 PM.png

Drone flyover of the three properties


5. Stewardship

Phase 1 and 


We can’t afford

not to do this!

We want to be good stewards of...

  • Staff: desire to disciple but often distanced and uncertain of future 



  • Finances: High monthly rental costs/inadequate staff benefits



  • Time: Market rising and need increasing

All staff within walking distance of students and guests – housing stability

A savings of $9500 per month in rental costs at present market value

Property purchased while available creating the opportunity for more lives to be transformed


6. Progress

Where are we

after Phase 1?

Reality after Phase 1

Space For Growth (Soil)

  • No longer hemmed in with control over campus access

  • Buildable land owned for present and future ministry needs


Staff Who Minister (Roots)

  • Moral high with better housing

  • Able to spend more time discipling students and guests


Facilities that Serve (Branches)

  • Updates in present buildings improve ministry experience

  • Remaining facility needs addressed in Phases 2 and 3


More Opportunites for Discipleship Leading to Transformed Lives!



7. Partnering

How can I help?

YOU can partner with US!

Flexible Giving Structure:

  • One Time or 3 Year Commitment

  • Cash or Securities through our brokerage account

  • Gifts of time, skills, and other resources

If you have questions about giving or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to ask.

You can reach Dan Thomas at or via his phone at 920-737-7141

Giving Levels:

​Cornerstone Level

Heritage Level

Visionary Level

Ambassador Level

Advocate Level

Builder Level

Steward Level

$500,000 and above

$250,000 - $499,000

$100,000 - $249,000

$50,000 - $99,000

$25,000 - $49,000

$10,000 - $24,000

$5,000 - $9,000

Screen Shot 2019-05-22 at 11.33.43

We want to be faithful stewards. Will you join us?


Donate Now


Make a Donation to Timberline

Timberline Ministries is A 501(c)(3) charitable organization and contributions are tax-deductible for income, gift, and estate taxes. Our EIN is 84-1308567. For donations over $5000.00 a check is preferred. Please contact Dan Thomas for more information. You can reach Dan Thomas at... or via his phone at 920-737-7141.


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