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Timberline Statement - Bradley Reger

We regret to inform our ministry that Timberline recently learned one of our board members, Bradley Reger, was charged with sexual abuse crimes against children. In response to receiving this information, Timberline immediately removed Mr. Reger from the board of directors and banned him from Timberline property and any Timberline affiliated activities. While Bradley Reger was never employed or on staff with Timberline, he did serve on the Timberline Board of Directors from December of 2014 – September 2023, when he was forcibly removed.  


Although the criminal charges filed against Bradley Reger concern his interactions with children associated with a church in California, and not Timberline, we feel it's important to inform the greater Timberline community. 

Child abuse, in any manner, is reprehensible. Timberline is fully cooperating with law enforcement agencies and, in accordance with our mission to support the life and welfare of all children, we believe it’s our responsibility to notify the Timberline community of this devastating news. 


Should you wish to report abuse, suspect abuse, or have any information related to the investigation of Bradley Reger, please contact law enforcement or reach out to us directly, here. The FBI has a form available for anyone who may have been a victim of Bradley Reger.  If you or someone you know may have been a victim, we encourage you to contact the FBI at:

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