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Protecting our guests, students and staff

Timberline Lodge is a place where we seek to cultivate a context where Christ can be central; where guests, students, and staff can grow into a community that comes to know Him better. Our desire is for this to happen in a safe and trusting environment, especially for those who are younger or who can be more vulnerable to unsafe situations.

We as staff want everyone who steps onto our campus to feel that they are safe from abuse, coercion, and mistreatment of any kind. We also understand that this requires intentionality and openness between staff and guests and understand that there needs to be clarity on what expectations are for appropriate interactions between individuals.  For this reason, all employees agree to our Timberline Community Covenant and are trained in our Code of Conduct for interacting with minors.

Despite these efforts to make Timberline a safe place, we understand that there are situations where we are unaware of wrongs being done. If someone has been treated wrongly or hurt in any way, we are deeply sorry. We would hope to address the situation promptly and with respect to the privacy of any individuals involved.

Particularly if the wrong is a physical, emotional, verbal or sexual violation of boundaries or discrimination, we ask that you fill out the form below to file a grievance to our response team.  Please complete the form with as much detail as you feel necessary to communicate your grievance and a response will be made as quickly as possible. If you would prefer the response to come from a specific gender or from a member of the Board of Directors, please include this request in your grievance submission.

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