The Bible School and Discipleship Program is a two-semester program.  Our vision is to cultivate Christ-centered identity, Christ-led community, and Christ-empowered ministry.  The second semester provides an opportunity to develop skills as a disciple of Jesus Christ through service to church youth groups staying at Timberline Lodge.

During the nine-month school year, our students will:

  • study 15+ books of the Bible
  • plan and conduct their own independent study
  • be mentored by a regular staff member through relational discipleship
  • participate in community  worship, prayer, sharing, and outreach
  • be involved with local ministry in the Grand County and Denver
  • be stretched by two mission trips; one with an urban and one with a cross-cultural emphasis (and an international option for an additional cost)
  • provide service to youth groups hosted as guests at Timberline Lodge
  • learn from outdoor adventure activities that illustrate Biblical truths

Living in Christian community, students will balance time in the classroom, prayer groups, family groups, men’s and women’s study groups, and in personal study and quiet time. All this, while enjoying a wide variety of outdoor activities. The program is designed to be full, emphasizing an understanding of Christ-centered identity, Christ-led community, and Christ-empowered Ministry.

Why Relational Discipleship in a Bible School Program?

  • Relational discipleship is the way Christ developed his disciples.  It moves knowing from head, to heart, to practice.
  • It is more personal… Christians need candid feedback, support, guidance, and direction.
  • It establishes a pattern of mature Christian living and it prepares you to “go and make disciples” yourself.

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