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...into my Heart: TODAY

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

It’s a beautiful scene in Deuteronomy 29 – the gathering together of people to hear from the Almighty God (“gathering” is especially nostalgic for me right now, maybe?)

This was the day God wanted to clearly propose a deal to these people – a very important offer that couldn’t wait until tomorrow…

“You stand today before the Lord your God…” (verse 10)

This special group had been exposed to the reality and love of their Creator God - a God who mercifully freed them from slavery and miraculously provided for their needs, proving His trustworthiness and care. This God that they were beginning to know, had a proposal...

“…enter into the covenant with the Lord your God, and into His oath which the Lord your God is making with you today…” (verse 12)

An offer to enter into a relationship with God and be the recipient of His promises? 🙋🏼‍♀️ Yes, please!

The peoples’ part of the deal? To take His gift and say “thanks” - “…in order that He may establish you today as His people and that He may be your God.” (verse 13)

There’s something special and unique about TODAY; wouldn’t you agree?

With Covid 19 upsetting many aspects of life, I think about podcasts being shared, virtual church services airing, encouraging memes being spread around, and conversations about eternal things with loved ones over Zoom – makes me want to stand up, strain my ear, and try to hear what God is going to say…

We’ve seen Him work. We know of His love. He’s looking for our attention... “you stand today before the Lord your God.”

He’s here, powerful in our midst, opening the hearts of those who seek Him in this unique season, that we can truly KNOW Him – that we can believe and receive His many promises in a season of great despair and uncertainty – TODAY.

I wonder if any of you, like me, have enjoyed taking a few extra moments during this pandemic to hear His voice - maybe through His Word or a trusted friend - and have been blessed to be reminded of the urgent proposal He shares with us today

- Today, I want to promise you my wisdom to respond well to children, spouses, messes, and interruptions. (James 1:5)

- Today, I want to involve you in my Kingdom-wide plans using the unique personality and gifts I gave you. (1 Corinthians 12:27-30)

- Today, I want you to know, believe, and enjoy my many promises to you, simply because I love you. (2 Peter 1:4)

- Today I want to offer you all that I am to fill you and fulfill in you who I created YOU to be. (Galatians 2:20)

- Today, I am offering you complete forgiveness, wholeness, and peace no matter what condition you come to me in. (Romans 5:1)

It’s much too important to wait until tomorrow.

Thanks for letting me poke my nose into your day, and for treasuring the Living Word with me!

(I couldn't help sharing this one before signing off...)


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