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...into my heart: Beautiful Windows

Quiet moments are magical to me; maybe that’s why I love mornings so much - uninterrupted time and space to think. Between mommying, wifing, friending, and ubering my kids around, my thoughts get crowded out and trampled on, and often have no time to develop into anything. Can you relate?

This summer, my husband’s side of the family traveled from all over the world to celebrate Christmas together (what rule says Christmas can’t be celebrated in August?). We were given a beautiful space to enjoy the time in… a mountain home that some friends of ours love to lend out to others. It’s when you stop for a minute to look around this house that you’ll notice the absolutely stunning craftsmanship and detail that has gone into it.

I had the rare privilege one day of sitting alone in one of the bedrooms for a good part of the afternoon. I was attempting to collect thoughts that had congregated in different sections of my brain and heart… thoughts about how rich it has been to watch God work in people’s lives at Timberline Lodge. What a gift He gives when He interrupts our lives to change us, even if it’s painful. It’s better than anything under the tree – better than date nights, financial gifts, or even family vacations. His work in our lives, in any form, is a gift of love, and it’s invaluable.

My eyes wandered over the high ceilings and thick wooden beams supporting this space, and eventually caught sight of the windows. Most people would look past them, to the mountain scene outside – isn’t that the point of a window? But I was transfixed as I noticed the beauty and art of these windows for the first time. Quality wood was used to create structure; purchased, carved, sanded, and stained a deep chocolate color that blended with the décor in the rest of the room. The beautiful, heavy, brass handle, when turned one way, would allow the window to open about six inches at the top seam inward, letting a little breeze in. If the handle turned the opposite way, the window would open wide from the side seam, exposing the whole of the room to the crisp mountain air. Beauty and functionality together at a professional level - my love language.

Something clicked in my head… this is exactly what I want to do. I want to create a beautiful, quality, functional tool to provide for others “a window in” to not just see, but even experience themselves some of the supernatural works of our loving God in the lives of those who come through Timberline’s doors, starting with mine. My life is wide open to you – but much more importantly, we have open and free access to the God of Creation, who made a way for us to enjoy relationship with Himself.

Looking in the windows of Timberline this week

I’ve asked my husband to please prepare a small, monthly teaching from the Bible to share with us here, as God’s Word is our very vital nourishment for life that is truly life. I hope you enjoyed the first episode, “Skipping Stones,” and were convicted and encouraged that God has big plans for you, made you uniquely for a reason, and can even use your weaknesses as he shows Himself strong to do miraculous things through your life. We have a very strong and able "Thrower." What a relief that His powerful work in and through our lives has nothing to do with our talents, abilities, or lack thereof!

Thanks so much for stopping by. God has incredible things to show us and involve us in, through mostly unconventional means. Ask Him, look around, and join us here for “a window in” to the life and happenings at Timberline Lodge – that we would learn, grow, and be encouraged together.


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