We are so excited for your trip to Timberline Lodge!  Below are descriptions of the activities you will choose from for the summer and a form for registration. Please sign up by clicking the button below which will take you to an google form. Call us at... 


(970) 726-8850 with any questions.

Mountain Biking

We are super excited to announce that Timberline has purchased a new fleet of mountain bikes. The rides leave from the lodge and will take ½ day. While one group is biking, the other group will be able to enjoy hanging out at the lodge. There are two mountain bike options for your to choose from. Advanced biking: If you have any experience on a mountain bike, this adventure is for you! Our trained staff will push your skills as you bike through some of the best single-track in the valley, The trails are narrow and travel through forest. The challenge of the climbs will payoff in awesome downhill descents! This bike will be at least 10-12 miles and will be well worth it! Moderate biking: If you have little or no experience on a mountain bike, we would love the opportunity to take you on local trails which are well-suited to new riders. Our staff will equip you with the skills necessary to become a more confident mountain biker. The trails are a bit wider (at the beginning) and the course has the least elevation change, allowing you to focus on enjoying your ride. The bike will be around 5-6 miles long.

Rock Climbing

This is an awesome opportunity to rock climb in the Rocky Mountains. Our team will teach you the skills needed for ascending and descending a local climbing spot that has both beginner and advanced routes. All that is needed is strength and stamina in those arms and legs.

Aerial Adventure Park

Located three miles from Timberline, the park is a climbing adventure consisting of platforms fixed to utility poles with elements connecting each platform, such as swinging logs, rope bridges, cargo nets, and other fun challenge elements. You can pick and choose which elements to tackle using your self-guided “smart belay” system that allows you to easily clip onto different routes. The course takes about 90 minutes to complete and then you can choose to climb the 3-story high climbing wall. The remainder of your day will be spent locally, either in town or at the lodge, but with your group!


Moderate Hikes: The following two hikes are the easiest ones we offer but keep in mind that we are in Colorado and virtually nothing is flat! Cascade Falls: This 7-mile round-trip hike journeys to a beautiful scenic waterfall where we will eat lunch and enjoy the surroundings. This hike gradually climbs over 3.5 miles and often moose and deer will often be seen. Adam’s Falls: This hike is located in Rocky Mountain National Park, is relatively flat for the first half, and then climbs for the remainder to a beautiful lookout where we will have lunch. The trail parallels a river and there are often moose on this 7 mile, round-trip journey. Intermediate Hikes: Mt Stanley: The Mt. Stanley hike begins on Berthoud Pass at 11,000’. There is one steep, switchback climb close to the beginning of this hike. The trail continues above treeline towards Mt. Stanley. The round-trip distance is around 8 miles and reaches elevations above 12,000’. Devil’s Thumb: The beginning of this trail meanders through the forest and is relatively flat. The final 2.5 miles climbs steeply through the forest and then rises above treeline. The hike ends on a beautiful saddle with great views of the Fraser Valley and east toward Denver. The distance of this hike is 8 miles round-trip. Lake Evelyn: Lake Evelyn is an amazingly beautiful 7-mile loop in the the Arapahoe National Forest. It travels by a high mountain lake, goes above treeline, and returns down a seldom travelled valley usually full of wildflowers, streams, and an occasional moose. This hike is dependent upon snow levels as it is sometimes impassible due to deep, late-season snow.

Thursday Optional Activies

Advanced Hikes: On Thursday, we offer two advanced optional hikes. These are the most challenging hikes we offer and will require layers (including a warm hat, gloves, and jacket), sturdy hiking boots, backpack, and plenty of water. These hikes will require waking up at 5am as we will be departing by 6am. It is an early morning but will be worth the hard work as both hikes are amazing. Byers Peak: Byers Peak is a prominent mountain in the heart of the Fraser Valley and is visible from most places in town. The first half of this hike climbs through forest and then enters into into an above-tree-line ridge climb to the summit. The ridge climb is very steep but worth the effort as there are spectacular 360 degree views from the summit. This hike is about 11 miles round-trip and the summit elevation is 12,804’. Mt Ida: Mt. Ida is located in the heart of Rocky Mountain National Park, on the Continental Divide. The trail begins by climbing steeply through thick forest. After the first mile, the trail ascends above tree-line and traverses a ridge for about 2 miles. The final mile of the hike climbs through a boulder field and ends at the summit with amazing 360 views of the surrounding mountains. The total distance of the hike is about 9 miles and the summit elevation is 12,864’. Disk Golf: You and your friends can enjoy our local disk course which provides different terrain and views than Arkansas! Bring your disks but in case you don’t have any, we have a few you can use.