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Hello Timberline Lodge Alumni!  


We are thrilled you made it to this site and hope to stay in touch with you through the exciting changes that are on the horizon for Timberline!


We hope you’ve been made aware of the current project we have been working toward, which we are calling Roots and Branches: Growth Rings.  Phase 1 of this project aims to alleviate pressure from the ministry by providing needed staff housing, space for the ministry to grow, and updates all around campus to allow our future students to be able to focus more on the Bible teaching, discipleship, and community we offer while they’re with us.


We thought it would be exciting to give you, as TL Alumni, a special part to play in this incredible project.  We want you all to help build “The Alumni House,” which will be a small home used to house staff for years to come! (Maybe it will be one of you when you come back to be on staff with us?)


The amount towards this home that we are asking you to raise is $200,000.  Things are REALLY pricey around here, and that may seem like a HUGE amount to some of you, but every little bit helps.  Some of you can afford to give more than others, and we thank you so much for doing what’s right for YOU.


It is so exciting to think that our own alumni will provide in a very significant way for this ministry to carry on, allowing God to use the staff and facilities, for years to come.


Remember your gifts are tax deductible, and you’ll receive a receipt from us once we receive your donation.  Feel free to email us at with any questions!  Donate HERE.


Please keep up with us and keep an eye out for our communications!


Trusting with you for the future of Timberline,

- TL Staff Team


Just to make this a little more fun, here are some prizes for raising certain amounts.  Whether you start a Facebook Fundraiser or ask friends and relatives to help, ALL the money YOU raise will count towards these incentives.  One exception: parents aren’t allowed to help!  That would make it a little too easy for some of you! (Of course, if your parents would like to contribute, we will happily accept their donation.)

Click this link to start a Facebook Fundraiser for Timberline!

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 2.36.43 PM.png


Every dollar counts.

$100+ - TL patch and stickers

$500+ - TL t-shirt 

$1,000+ - TL hoodie

$5,000+ - TL puffy coat

$10,000+ - watercolor painting by Dan Thomas

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