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25th Anniversary Cost Breakdown

Costs for Timberline Lodge’s 25th Anniversary of Ministry

Total Cost = $8,925 - $10,925


  • Mailings, Communications, and welcome/registration packets $1,450

  • Food for provided meals $1,200

  • Toilet accommodations (*we would love to buy the restroom trailer noted below, but are planning for porta-potties if that does not get purchased) $675

  • Tent Rental/Barn overhaul (we will choose one of these routes for our main meeting space depending on material availability and financial support) $4,000- $6,000

  • Flying in/accommodating speakers $850

  • Decorations/alumni reunion support $750


**We have the opportunity to purchase for the ministry a 2015 restroom trailer from a local here in the mountains. It has 4 female stalls (toilets), and 2 male stalls (toilets) with 2 urinals. This portable restroom would be very utilized for the coming summers as we use our new Ranch property but have not yet built bathrooms for those recreating or meeting nearby. The portability of the restroom trailer is also a huge advantage as we can use it for off-site events and weddings. Presently, we do not have the budget to responsibly purchase this restroom, but would be thrilled if you would like to help to provide the needed funds for it. The cost is $26,000. (To rent this would cost $6,900)

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