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Peter Hammond

Program Director

Joseph Weissman

Operations Director

Alex Otteson

Kitchen Manager

Sam Hatfield


Daniel Reger

Grounds and Auto Manger

Paige Walker


Sadie Garza


Kaci Block

Girls RA




Stay Connected  

We are excited to reconnect and stay connected to students who have invested part of their life with us at Timberline. It has been a such a blessing to journey with so many amazing students for a season of life and to have been able to learn and grow alongside each of you during your time here. We can't wait to hear about what God is doing in your life. Check back as we are in the process of developing this page. In the meantime - take a trip down memory lane and find your class photo! 

For more information on our Alumni Guest Service Week, which takes place the last week in December, contact Guest Services at 970/726-8850, or email:  guestservices@timberlinelodge.org




About Timberline Lodge

Timberline Lodge was purchased in 1995 and run as a youth retreat center with an emphasis on vigorous outdoor activities.


Since then, we have added a Bible School and Discipleship Program and have expanded our outdoor adventure program, now called Mountain Adventure Ministry. Along with the growth we have recently added our Ascent Weeks programming. These weeks allow individuals to come out, enjoy the Rockies, and participate in specific personal interests while growing in their relationship with Christ.

Do you want to know more about Timberline Lodge Bible School? Contact our Registrar at 970-726-8850 ext 206 or by email at: registrar@timberlinelodge.org

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