Timberline Lodge Operations

Doing work that matters

We show Jesus to the staff, students, and guests of Timberline Lodge by performing the behind the scenes work with enthusiasm and excellence.

Constantly improving and always learning, we are a high performing team that never settles. We bring focused intensity to the behind the scenes jobs that cause a day at Timberline Lodge to be better than the day before.

Kitchen Assistant

  • Creates meaningful moments through exceptional family-style food service.
  • Enjoys cooking and making people feel at home.
  • Able to work creatively and receive instruction well.
  • Generally enthusiastic, happy, and displays a positive “can do” attitude.

Facility Manager

  • Improves buildings and drives repairs and updates.
  • High aptitude for repair and construction.
  • Natural improver with strong problem solving skills.
  • Likes having dirty jeans and wakes up with a positive “can do” attitude.

Kitchen Manager

  • Own food service program
  • Create welcoming, happy and friendly environment in the kitchen
  • Maintain clean and safe kitchen environment in the kitchen
  • Lead nd train kitchen staff to help with meals, trips, and proects
  • Take responsibility for meeting State standatrds for a commercial kitchen (CHPHE, OSHA, and CDHS)

Hospitality Manager

  • Create clean, fresh, and restful spaces.
  • Create a welcoming, happy and friendly environment.
  • Lead teams of students, volunteers, and staff to accomplish work.
  • Collaborate with Operations Team in planning meetings.
  • Contribute to a positive team culture.
  • Drive projects to completion.
  • Improve the level of cleanliness, organization, and comfort at Timberline continually.
  • Oversee government policies relating to Hospitality areas

Now searching for exceptional candidates to join our team in the following positions:

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Working at Timberline is different from most any other job you have likely been involved in. The reward and privilege of seeing the living Christ at work in the lives of guests and students is priceless. However, the sacrifice (by modern western standards of living) is high, and requires a missionary mindset. This is especially hard because we are living in a western society, but trying to maintain the kind of flexibility and availability usually only asked of "missionaries"! As such, we have discovered that the best candidates for employment at Timberline are those who feel the call of the Lord on their life to be at Timberline. Not just to be "in ministry" somewhere, but to be in a specific role at Timberline. The opportunity is profound and deeply meaningful, and the cost is high.

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