Student Life

Student Life here at Timberline is an important part of the year as we learn and grow together in community. Each year the community interaction takes on a shape of its own as the student body participates in different community groups which create a unique and dynamic environment for their year.

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Happenings Team

The Happenings Team is the group who will be responsible for recording the ins and outs of the year through creative writing, photography, and video. They will be in charge of producing The Timberline Trails (a periodic newsletter designed to share the students experience at Timberline with friends and family back home), and a class yearbook that can be taken home with the students when they leave. The team can also help bring the memories of Timberline home by creating t-shirts, videos, etc.

Worship Team

The Worship Team will point our community to the person of Christ by leading us, through music, to a place of worship. Those interested in the Worship Team are expected to have an understanding of music, and experience in vocals and/or playing an instrument.

Secret Service

The Secret Service will work together to plan practical ways to serve the student body at Timberline. They will have opportunities weekly to creatively serve and encourage the students through various intentional acts of service eg. personal notes, baking cookies, and other ways to serve the wider community. They will also plan an activity each semester that will incorporate the rest of the student body in service to the community.

Community Life Crew

The Community Life Crew provides an opportunity for students to take more ownership of the social and spiritual life of their Bible School year. Members of the CLC will meet regularly to organize and carry out events that are designed to intentionally build and cultivate a Christ led community throughout the year by planning theme nights, group activities, a talent show, etc.

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